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This site is dedicated to providing you information that can help you manage your relationships in general, and offers tips on how to have an affair in particular.

We do not pass judgment on anyone, so if you are outraged or offended by this site, you most probably have a good marriage. Others may not be as blessed.

Please try to be forgiving of souls who search outside of their marriage for what is lacking within it. Some feel that to have an affair is more desirable than separation or divorce.

The site includes data from various sources and will get updated on a regular basis so please do check-in once in a while. You might find items that can be useful, amusing or entertaining at the least.


With that said, here are the Ten Primary Rules you must follow when you are about to have an affair or are already in one:

Rule Number 1
Do not have an affair with a neighbour, a fellow worker, a friend of your better half, or a member of your family or your spouse's family.

Rule Number 2

Do not even tell your closest friend.

Rule Number 3
For the usual trysts, always use a condom.

Rule Number 4
Pass the smell test -- when you get home after your trysts, make sure that you have showered beforehand.
Rule Number 5
When having sex with your spouse, try to focus, focus and focus. That means less chances of you calling your spouse your new lovers name. And do try to minimize the rough sex with your new lover if it leaves marks. That means love-bites or hickeys are a no-no.
Rule Number 6
Do not do the deed in your own house. Irrespective of how much you have learned watching CSI, odds are that you will leave evidence behind. The same applies to your car.
Rule Number 7
Create a new Email account to send messages to your lover and do not save your username/password for this new account on your computer.
Rule Number 8
Whenever you are out in the public eye with your lover, always have a credible explanation, just in case you meet somebody you know.
Rule Number 9
When you get gifts from your lover, keep them at work or anywhere else where your spouse does not usually visit.
Rule Number 10
No credit cards. Always use cash.

Now that you have the rules covered, start registering on these casual dating services such as Fubar or FlirChi. If you want to date seriously, click here or here or here.

Having an Affair Could Save Your Marriage?

For marriages that are struggling, it's surprising to many people that having an affair can help to 
save it. Sometimes the 'right kind' of affair can be a positive thing, resulting in folks not taking things for granted. The problem is society as a whole in its conservatism, has stigmatized infidelity, thereby preventing the discussion of the positive advantages to having an affair.

It's not saying that one should be open about having an affair within a relationship, on the contrary, most cheating partners should keep quiet about it because the main rule of thumb is that revealing you are having an affair will always be more damaging versus being discreet about your infidelity.

For the party who has decided to have an affair, it may be the final push to change as a reaction to a relationship that is not working. Most folks who do have an affair are good people who are just trying to find true love and happiness, as compared to those losers who just cheat for the sake of cheating.

For these good people, that have looked into how to have an affair or are already there, the infidelity can even be therapeutic, giving their relationships a sense of clarity and the impetus to change things, the equivalent of shocking the system. All through this process, the party who is having an affair should never admit to it even if asked directly by their spouse. Admission to having a lover or mistress will always cause more damage in the long run, so this is one case where honesty is not really the best policy.

Most of the time, women cheat when their emotional or sexual needs are not being met. Men, on the other hand, due to biology, can be 100% happy and fulfilled in their relationships and still cheat.

Relationships are unique in terms of problems and how people make them work. For some, the attitude is if it does not work, have an affair or just move on. For others, having children come into play on how to handle having affairs. For example, there are those who have been together for years, where sexual activity and libido has gone down, the wife refuses to have sex anymore and the husband still has the need.

In this case, while there are those who say the husband can just leave, the more practical solution would be for the husband to figure out how to have an affair to meet his needs, while at the same time keeping it discreet and keeping the family intact.

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