Avoid Getting Caught

Avoid Getting Caught - When You Have an Affair


If You Have to Cheat, Then You Need to Abide by These Rules !

A lot of men and women nowadays are adulterous, yet they love their spouses and want to keep their marriages. If this applies to you, there are safeguards you can take to lessen the chance of your spouse discovering an affair.

Make sure you follow the fundamentals of how to have an affair to spare your loved one the pain, so please allow me to share the Top Ten Commandments you must follow when you are about to have an affair or are already in one:

Rule Number 1
When choosing a lover, do not do it with a neighbor, a fellow worker, a friend of your better half, or a member of your family or your spouse's family

Rule Number 2
Do not even tell your closest friend.

Rule Number 3
Always have protection when having sex with your lover.

Rule Number 4
Pass the smell assessment, when you get home after your trysts, just remember to shower beforehand.

Rule Number 5
When having sex with your spouse, try to concentrate, focus and focus. That means less chances of you calling your spouse your new lovers name. And do try to minimize the rough sex with your new lover if it leaves marks. That means love-bites or hickeys are a no-no.

Rule Number 6
Do not have sex in your house. No matter how much you have learned watching TV, odds are that you're going to leave evidence behind. Likewise applies to your car.

Rule Number 7
Set up an anonymous email account to communicate with your lover and do not save your username/password for this new account on your computer.

Rule Number 8
Whenever you happen to be out in the public eye together with your lover, always have a credible explanation, just in case you meet somebody you know.

Rule Number 9
When you receive anything from your lover, put them where your other half does not usually visit.

Rule Number 10
No financial paper audit trails please. Always use cash.

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