Basic Rules to Follow
When You Cheat Online

Cheating Online - When You Have an Affair


Nowadays where technology drives a lot of things, it becomes more and more critical that you follow the basics when you use your personal computers or notebooks when it comes to managing your infidelity and cheating online.

As you use the platform of your choice for having an affair, just remember to consistently follow these guidelines:

** Always remember to log-off from your computer sessions. This applies to logging-off the physical computer and any online dating services that you logged-into while you were on your computer

** Always remember to log-off from your e-mail software. These could be browser-based such as Yahoo or Google mail, or these can be local to you machine such as Outlook or Eudora. In any case, make sure that you log-off from your e-mail sessions too!

** If it is not too inconvenient, you might want to do all of your online sessions using an internet cafe. They are all over the city so it might not be too bad to find a location(i.e. even McDonald have hot spots now, same applies to Starbucks). More and more public hot spots are also being implemented so you can be online with your mistress while sitting in a public park or the airport as long as you have a platform that can go WiFi.

** Most of the time, you will be using browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. These platforms will always track your history through the browser and the use of 'cookies' as you browse so always make sure that you delete ALL history and ALL cookies when you are done.

** For tablets such as the iPad or the iPhone, they use Safari browsers, and the same rule applies -- delete all history when you are done. For the iPad, make sure you also enable the lock feature so that it's not wide open for anyone to just pick up your tablet and start looking around. You can do the same for your iPhone.

** For e-mail accounts, make sure you create a different account just for your cheating online and do try to create tougher passwords when you do so. That means no '1234' or 'welcome' passwords please.

** For online transactions such as registering and paying for online dating services, it is best to use a separate credit card dedicated to your having an affair, if you can, and make sure that billing is sent to you in online mode to that e-mail account you have set up for having an affair. The idea is to eliminate paper trails.

** Along the same lines of keeping things separate, you can also purchase one of those disposable cell phones such as these Virgin-pay-as-you-go cellphones. You can always pay cash for your cellphone minutes so no problems there paper-trail wise. This might sound overkill at first, but a separate way of communicating with your mistress that is totally insulated from the wife is one of the key things you have to take care of. 


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